Zoom call tomorrow Saturday 12pm ET 9am (NY) PT (SF) 18h GMT+2 (Paris)

Hi friends,

Seven days after the hardest spiritual experience in my life I am slowly getting back in my body. There is a long tradition of not sharing about the vision quest and the Sundance and I understand why.

I love sharing. As a kid a was already sharing a lot and had dreams about it. I shared for many years about technology now I am sharing about spirituality which in many ways feels more difficult as most of these things were kept secret.

There is some online content about the Sundance (rare photos or drawings too) and the Vision Quest so there aren’t so many secrets anymore. Both experiences have been extremely intense but also very beneficial for me.

I am discovering every day new “gifts” as a result of these.

This is why I would like to share some experiences as I feel so many other men could benefit from it (this work is men only, the women have the moondance) but women are welcome to join the call, we have a few in the whatsapp group too.

We had one zoom call which created a beautiful and active small group of friends discussing these topics.

I would like to invite you to join this group if you feel like it, no requirements other than practicing listening to everyone and mutual respect, also keeping everything everyone shares in the group only, no recordings or posts about what anyone says.

We will all share in the group a minute or two update then I will share some key learnings and experiences about my Vision Quest and Sundance. Last zoom call was about an hour to an hour and a half. Feel free to join in and out even though it’s better for the group dynamics if we all try to commit to an hour.

Saturday May 29, 12pm ET (NY) - 9am PT (SF) - 18h GMT+2 (Paris)

Here is the zoom link https://zoom.us/j/96483532628

Here is the google calendar invite.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing some of you tomorrow.