Yawa circle - a beautiful group + next call about Tarot this Sunday noon ET

Hi everyone, I am still slowly landing from the Sundance. I’m landing so much that I have not found the force or the mind state to share as often as I used to, especially in video or podcast.

I found a beautiful place though, an unexpected gift.

I have always shared in public all my life and most often recorded and available online.

It is not the first time I do zoom calls obviously but this time I found such pleasure in our last few calls.

We did two calls with some friends subscribed to this newsletters, the first one was just introductions. I was happy to get to know like-minded people with the same appetite to explore spirituality and the same values, the same belief that there is something else than our material world.

We all shared the need for a place where we can share about what most people among their friends and family find strange or even inappropriate.

In these calls, we created a space we can openly share ideas, practices and sometimes challenges. I realized we can all learn from each other. No-one is judging anyone for what they say and its open to new possibilities. Nothing is recorded and we all agree to keep all that is shared between us confidential.

From the zoom call we now have an active Whatsapp group where we keep the conversation going (come to a zoom call for the link).

I just wanted to write about this as it feels special to me to have connected in such truthful way with some of you. I am grateful it happened without me even thinking about it as a goal, I just followed my instinct and intuition of wanting to share in a safer and more intimate space.

In the last zoom call I shared about the Vision Quest and the Sundance topics I could not have shared here just because it was off-the record. A member of a group did a recap drawing of the key topics discussed, it was awesome.

For the next calls, we decided to harness the wisdom of the group that was created and not only me but some other members of this group will share their own knowledge and experiences with spirituality. I find this is such a gift to be able to learn from each other and Im excited to see what else emerges from all this exploration.

If you want to join this group respecting the off-the-record rule, please join us this Sunday at noon ET (NY), 9am PT (SF) and 18h CEST (Paris). Here is the link to join the call and the Google Calendar invite.

In this call we will have Delphine Bedel talk about the Tarot and her many years of work with Alejandro Jodorowsky that I talked about here (about his movie The Holly Mountain and about my discovery of Tarot) as I have been learning his Tarot for about a year.

Delphine is an artist and writer, based in Amsterdam. Her work is at the intersection of photography, design and technology. She works with leading cultural institutions, museums, and art & design academies. She is the founder of the publishing house Meta/Books, and co-founder of The Roadmap for Equality in the Arts.

“No one knows who created the Tarot de Marseille or where or when. The first traces of the deck of cards date back to the 14th century in Bern, Switzerland. The Tarot of Marseille is an optical language, and a sacred art, celebrated for decades by the filmmaker and poet Alejandro Jodorowsky. What can we still learn from these cards, a few centuries later? Loïc Le Meur and the artist Delphine Bedel will discuss the role of the tarot in their lifes, and what she learned from Jodorowsky’s teaching, at his home in Paris.”

Looking forward to talking to you all this upcoming Sunday!

Loïc / Yawa