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"White Cultural Loss" and European mysticism

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In our PAUA Community (which I am focusing a lot of as I see it as a hidden secret of indigenous), my friend Rudy who writes RegenerateX asked if we heard about “White Cultural Loss”. I do not know the author of this IG post but it’s an interesting topic.

Reading the “Immortality Key” by Brian Muraresku has taught me a lot about our past.

We all know that there were many mystical schools and ancient wisdom practiced in Europe before we killed them all, then we went to kill indigenous in America and Africa who held significant knowledge that got lost. Fortunately indigenous tribes in America and Africa managed to keep some of that knowledge.

We, “white people” created a system and impressive technologies but the explosion of mind health issues and unhappiness drives many to go learn in the Amazon Jungle as I did, or Africa or for some to Asia.

I have been learning some texts in original Yawanawà language and learning some of their knowledge with their approval.

In fact, they encouraged me to do so as they think “the white guys” have screwed up the planet so much that now they need to help them as much as they can.

One day a Lakota I was learning from told me about how “we” killed most of his ancestors.

I apologized for my own ancestors behavior.

He said “no need to apologize”

I asked why not?

He said “because now you guys are so miserable you all want to learn our knowledge”

That was such a simple statement but so powerful.

We made ourselves so struggling in our minds that we need to turn to the very people that we killed and made their knowledge forbidden to get better. I have never seen so many retreats and trips to the Amazon Forest organized (I organize one too). I also help organize a Vision Quest.

I have found so much value in this ancestral wisdom that now I spend my time helping others discovering it, because I just know it can help so much.

European roots

Again, read the “Immortality Key” by Brian Muraresku and you will discover how much there was in Europe. I know some people who are working day and night to find and recover some of that knowledge and old European spiritual practices.

It is all “Mystery schools” so by definition it is hard to find and access the knowledge, but there is a lot.

As I am finishing my one year dieta work with my Amazon friends (April 2! will be one year), I am meeting more and more friends who hold impressive knowledge about European ancient wisdom and my intention is to work on discovering some of our own roots and practices. Maybe the Amazon forest was just a gate for me to better come back to my own roots.

I am Catalan (I was born in Perpignan on the French side but raised in Catalan by my grand parents in Llansà and Brian explains how Catalunya was so important in European mysticism at the time of Empuries where I had a home for 20 years! 23andMe says I have viking ancestors and my name is from “Bretagne” French Brittany, one of the hotspots of the Druids

I am very motivated to work on rediscovering my own roots and associated knowledge after learning from the American indigenous. Let me know if you can help or want to embark on that journey too.

So, yes, there definitely is “White Cultural Loss” and it’s up to us to rediscover our own knowledge. It isn’t easy but I feel the need for it.

btw -
PAUA Paris is 100% confirmed May 12-13 at Station F again we will update the website soon, save the date!

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