Where to start (spiritually) and how I started

I feel like telling you how I started on this spiritual path.
I also published this on my podcast (Apple, Anchor), Instagram and YouTube.

Many people ask me “What are you looking for, Loic”?

I am a student. I am just sharing what I’m learning.

I am simply working every day on opening myself and strengthening my connection to this spiritual world, or spiritual “plane” as Ram Dass would say. Another space, another home that is impossible to ignore once you see it once.

I needed to see this space once before it slowly got more important in my life.

I started with meditation about 10 years ago. I highly recommend any vipassana center around the world.

Ten days in total silence, no sex, vegan food and little of it, no food after lunch, no looking at anyone in the eyes, no devices, no notebook to write and meditation from 5am to 8pm every day.

The days concluded with a recorded talk of SN Goenka who created this method and centers around the world. He has also been in the spirit world for many years but his legacy is well alive and changing the lives of human beings daily. 

Vipassana showed me what consciousness was as I was able to hear every bird or every tree. I could feel the slightest breeze moving on my skin for the first time. It taught me to calm my mind and observe any thought coming in without staying in it. For the first time in my life I saw all my trauma coming up and started processing some of it. I became more present.

I started seeing myself and the world in a different way.

I would be curious to do another 10 days vipassana now that there is so much more space available in my head and in my heart. I kept meditating often receiving the advice of the first friends who guided me such as Matthew Mansfield and Soren Gordhamer who for some reason felt my awakening as he invited me to speak at his first Wisdom 2.0 event. For the first time ever instead of inviting technology speakers I created an event with Soren around the Buddhist Monk and friend Matthieu Ricard and loved it. This inspired me to do PAWA many years later, which we will relaunch when Covid allows.

Ever since this meditation retreat I kept working on ways to connect to the spiritual space.

There are many ways to feel that connection. Here are a few I enjoy:
-casual short meditation (you could use the app “Calm”)
-Kundalini Yoga. I have done about a year of it very regularly and loved it, very different than traditional yoga.
-breath work. I tried a few times very deep circular breathing (you never pause breathing deeply in and out) and it is really powerful but I would really only recommend doing this with a guide as you could feel really bad or even faint.

There are so many ways to connect.

Now I sing daily indigenous songs. I love singing but could have only understood how powerful it is when I went to the forest.

I will tell the story of my first trip in the Amazon forest next…