The Twelve

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One of my readers, Steven, suggested I watch the movie The Twelve (free to watch). I had heard about it but never watched it until yesterday. It is about 12 elder indigenous from all around the World who gathered in New York City. You can see how they live and how some of them are the last of their tribe about to disappear and then how they exchange and learn from each other it is fascinating.

Here are a few points that stayed in my mind.

“Our children are happier here than in any city in the world because they are really free, we do not need to watch them all the time as they are in nature”

“The most important is our connection to the divine or the spiritual space, nothing else matters as much”

“We have different cultures, homes and practices but we all do the same: protect and understand mother Earth that humans treat so poorly”

“In nature you have everything to survive. You can die if you depend on money because suddenly we need it. Mother Earth provides everything we need, we do not need money”

The connection they make is not only with their bodies but also with their souls. They go to the U.N. together and do a ceremony in a random meeting room with no official person or U.N. VIP welcoming them. They do not care, all they wanted was to meet in this symbolic place where so many people work on peace daily and connect together and with the spiritual world.

I will watch it again.