The "Potion Magique"

How to access magic

When I was a kid I was always reading a comic, Asterix & Obelix.

It is the story of a village that resists the invasion of the roman empire. They can resist because they have this secret beverage prepared by a Druid, a wizard, a magician.

One of the characters, Obelix, does not need to drink the “Potion Magique” as he fell in the pot when he was a kid so “he always has it”. He can defeat an entire army of the Roman Empire by himself.

Asterix carries a flask of the potion at all times and can access magic and divine strength anytime he wants with just a sip of that beverage.

I just realized the Yawanawà village I love so much and spent months in, in the Amazon Forest, is the same as the village of Asterix & Obelix. It resisted the invasion of the missionaries. They made their rituals and drink their potion magique forbidden. Why? Because not only do these people access special powers when they drink it but they also cannot care less about traditional powers or governments. They only care when they destroy their forest, like the Brazilian government is doing right now.

Modern societies made the rituals and the potion forbidden because it challenges power and order, because it makes people free and totally connected to nature. It makes those who drink it see the world of interconnectedness and nature.

There are many types of magical potions which are always accessible despite any government trying to ban it. Breath is one. We all have it at all times. Kundalini yoga was secret until recently and unlocks the same spaces to anyone practicing it for long enough. It cannot be forbidden because it is just based on breath and very simple yet extremely powerful body moves. Some people wonder about Kundalini Yoga being dangerous (one of the top google questions about it) the same way people are scared about “dangerous” plants and spiritual practices. They are scared because of ignorance.

The conditioning of our societies is such that we are scared of freedom and connection to nature.

People are scared because these tools can help us awaken. It comes with responsibility, the responsibility for everything that happens to us. It is difficult because people do not want to accept they have that power. This is the power of creating your own reality and not depending on anyone or anything. While we all have this capability it is much easier to be enslaved in a way, enslaved to the system, to the powers in place.

Some of us forgot what freedom looks like because we cannot remember how it feels. We can remember it in dreams where we are all free and can create our own reality, like the most famous DJ in Ibiza who lives in a cave.

It is an inner freedom. Go back to “chopping wood and carrying water” for the monks that are enlightened. Nothing changed externally but internally they are free.

Everything changed. You won’t want to have the same job, the same city life, the same partner, so it’s scary. We can’t make it less scary, because the danger itself is the medicine. We have to confront the danger to realize that this is an illusion we have created.

This is why so many people are scared of the “potion magique” so maybe they do yoga instead or meditation, and the same awakening might happen. This is why so many people talk about “bad trips” but all it is, is them facing their own demons so they can be free inside. It is our brains looking at freedom and understanding that we can be free inside. To be free we need to see the trauma and the conditioning we grew up with through many generations, so that we can clear it. Then everything changes and we don’t take anything for granted anymore.

I have lived all my life with access to this freedom and reality because it was always here, always inside. Asterix & Obelix put the seed of changing the way I think when I was a little boy. The seed finally grew inside. 370 million copies of Asterix books have been sold worldwide.

What’s your magical potion?

For those of you who speak French I recorded a 2h podcast in French “La revolution spirituelle est inéluctable” with Bruno Whalter.

Here is the video, it is also on my podcast.