The most famous DJ in Ibiza lives in a cave

The most famous DJ in Ibiza (for the locals) has been living in a cave for 6 years.

Alex was also famous in the matrix previously as you can see on photo, he told me he shared meals with Madonna and Michael Jackson at the top of his career.

“You can always change the movie”

He completely changed the movie to live with no money or bank account, no phone and this beautiful cave and pristine water for home.

“The cave was empty when I arrived so I immediately called it home”. I asked what he was scared of and he said “nothing except myself and I am finally very happy now.

We live our life to prepare for death. I don’t understand why people are so scared with COVID... death is natural and life is just an initiation for it. When you die you won’t go there with your yacht, houses and other material possessions. You won’t even bring your wife or family either”

We are born alone and die alone.

Each of us can at any time change the movie of our lives. The conditioning of our society can be shifted like we change a TV channel with the remote.

One day you can just decide your reality is different.

I changed my life movie a few times already, not that dramatically though. I don’t think I will end up living in a cave.

Alex definitely has the best view in Ibiza without the need of the many millions of euros for a house here.

It was so interesting to hear the point of the view from someone that says he “finally” completely left “a horrible system”.

Have you changed the movie of your life too? Do you want to change it?