The intersection of business and spirituality

We just had a wonderful sharing circle with friends around the world, on Zoom. We were all in or from business backgrounds.

Many said this intersection and being able to talk about it was something quite unique.

“It is much easier to share about business in spiritual circles like drum circles than it is to share about spirituality with business people”.

It is very easy to be judged “crazy” because it’s unusual and different. My goal with this circle is to gather those “crazy ones” and create a space where we can all share safely, confidentially and with respect. A place where we can leave our ego outside and allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

It is not about leaving the business world, it is about understanding that there is something else that is precious and can help us being stronger and happier in our lives in general, not only in business.

It is difficult to share, it is difficult for me too. I cannot share everything I am learning in public as it can be judged negatively or can be scary. I will share deeper stories and teachings in this group.

The business world runs on competition, achievements and scale. The spiritual world I am learning works with small groups of people sharing together and not competing with one another.

We all “have it” everyone can feel this light, but it cannot be done in big groups.

I do not see these two worlds as not being able to co-exist. I am still a business person, I do investment calls, I help entrepreneurs and still invest in many startups or investment funds.

I find it extremely valuable for us to share experiences, fears and learnings.

I will be sending an invite to the next one soon here on it will be in about two weeks as I am entering on monday a 9 day vision quest and sundance in the Mexican jungle so will be offline.

My connection next week will be with nature and animals.

Here is the video, it’s also on Insta and my podcast.