The holy mountain

Greeting from San Francisco, landed yesterday after 3.5 months in Europe. My flight seemed unreal with a 95% empty Air France 777 airplane and a totally empty airport upon arrival. No temperature check, no quarantine asked and I was given a travel history questionnaire in the plane that the customs agent told me to trash when I landed as it was “not necessary”.

I have just started discovering the work of filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky I highly recommend “The holy mountain” and his book “Psychomagic”. There are so many teachings in his work.

Every moment of his movies are dreamlike (or nightmare like!) and reflect on our search for life’s meaning, spiritual work and the conditioning of society.

Alejandro says he never made a movie thinking about what the audience or critics would think about it.

It inspired me to think about how much I choose to do or not do things because of what others will think about it. “I cannot do this because people think I’m weird. Or I cannot do this because some will be shocked. What will happen to my reputation if I do this?”

How many times did I ask myself these questions…

Alejandro announced the premiere of one of his movies entirely naked. He was under death threat in Mexico and had to finish filming in the US when he was shooting “El Topo”. Here is someone never scared of anything. He shows religion and prostitution in the same scenes, makes fun of the army and the establishment in a way I had not seen before to only show us better the reality we live in and we accept.

The Holy mountain is difficult to watch but so accurate and timely.

Yesterday as I drove in San Francisco two men were beating each other covered in blood right in front of me with 10 police cars and armed police men intervening guns in hands.

The movie only mirrors the world we live in.

The Holy Mountain shows the suffering that “every human being goes through” according to Jorodowsky and is is so inspiring for anyone on a path to understand why we live and how to see reality without filters and conditioning.

There are many holy mountains to climb.