The 3 planes of consciousness and dreams

Yesterday I was talking about how I started my path towards consciousness with meditation (also on the podcast).

I had a very interesting dream following this note so instead of my morning pages ritual where I write for myself, I recorded a video holding what I learned in this dream.

When I wake-up I am still mostly in the spiritual plane, it does not last. I could not record the same video and speak the same way right now, I can maintain that state only about an hour after I wake-up.

There is a space where there is no past and no future, where I am only present. A space with no emotions, where I do not regret anything and do not expect anything. I am just fully present. I do not think that my life could be better, it is just fine. I am just fully here. There is nothing else than what is, whatever that what is, is. Even a nightmare is fine if that’s what shows-up, life is also full of nightmares. I don’t think about a to-do list or checking emails, I do not worry, I cannot worry. I have no needs anymore.

This place is where we go to every night. It is the dream space. This is why we say “I am dreaming about getting this or doing that” but you don’t need to, because every night you have dreams that give you this state of perfection and happiness.

I will come back to dream “work” later, it took me a long time to get some lucidity in dreams or just being able to remember them. It also took me a long time to notice this hour or so I have every morning as I wake up, I am in my body but I am still in the spiritual plane.

“Below” this pure presence and happiness place there is consciousness. What I learned when I started to meditate. I observe every thought. I observe that I am about to get upset (and then I try not to). I observe a need but I don’t fall for it. I worry about stuff and people and just observe too.

Then the third space is no or little consciousness.

This dream was a “teacher dream” showing me very clearly how happiness is pure presence.

No wonder why some schools call dreams “the small death”. It is the place where we were before we were born and the place where we go when we die. Nothing to worry about there anymore.

I love this space and I love being able to go back to it. One day I wish I can just stay permanently in that space (while I am awake and alive!). I know people who do.

Not worrying about people and things does not mean not caring about them, I will keep this for another post.