Red meat

I mostly stopped eating red meat. When I see a steak it reminds me of the Amazon fires, which is burning more this year than last year even though the world is looking elsewhere. Deforestation happens to produce soy to feed cattle and a few companies destroy the forest so the world can have rib eyes and burgers. A lot of the meat you buy in the US and Europe was fed indirectly from deforestation.

I posted last year the top brands contributing heavily in destroying the forest, see the chart and popular supermarket brands all around the world.

I feel guilty when I eat red meat now so it’s rare.

Yesterday I was at a restaurant where the meat they serve is traced, not industrial and fed properly. I had a big rib-eye. I felt great as I ate it as I’m a big guy and the tiger inside loves meat. My mind loved it too. This morning when I did my hour meditation I physically felt my body still going through it 12 hours later, felt uncomfortable and that I should not have had it. Most spiritual lineages proscribe red meat for other reasons than the environment, it’s heavy for the body and doesn’t go well with meditation or any inside practice. With my personal work I feel more my body and I definitely feel bad with it. A good reminder to let go of it or have very little.