Preparing for my third vision quest

I will be on Club house this upcoming Saturday with Angel Gambino at 10am PST, 18h Paris and 1pm ET. Angel called it “A psychedelic trip to the Amazon”.

Funny Angel called it this way as I am always trying to avoid talking about “psychedelics” or any substance that is often illegal and therefore “scary” to many people. I generally refer to my teacher as “the plant”.

Even more interesting that Angel called it this way as I am focusing these days on accessing the same spaces with absolutely nothing else than breathing. I have not worked with my plants since I went last to the Amazon a month ago and just spent 24 hours with my Maya teacher who works only with his breath, fasting and only sometimes his pipe.

I am preparing for my third vision quest.

A vision quest is up to 4 days in nature in a space smaller than your body, no food, no water, nothing else than your clothes and generally no sleep.

I have experimented last year two vision quests in South Dakota, at Bear Butte, with the Lakota tribe.

It was one of the hardest experience of my life.

I have fasted with water for 7 days and with no food and no water for 4 days at home to prepare and did it successfully.

The vision quest is so different though and so much harder as you are by yourself in nature and awake day and night, exposed to the elements (I had cold, rain, snow and hail…), to the sun, to the stars and the moon, animals and trees…

The combination of no water fasting and no sleep is an earthquake in your body. It modifies all your senses and I definitely found very similar feelings and visions as I had with the plants. It is much harder than drinking a cup of special tea, though.

I am doing it again this year, 4 days, in a cave in the Mexican jungle…

Here is a video as I am preparing for it and I also uploaded it as a new episode of my podcast, Yawa, which I decided to always keep under 10 minutes.

I am playing with the different platforms while trying to optimize the time this whole thing takes me, here is my flow (thanks for the tips):
-I record the video on my phone in Instagram portrait mode
-I post it to my Instagram (my bandwidth is so low it did not post yet)
-I then edit it on my phone in 16/9 and post it to my YouTube channel (sorry the quality isn’t therefore so great)
-then I use an app called Audioconvert to extract the sound
-I post it to Anchor that hosts my podcast
-I write a newsletter here on “dailythoughts” about it
-finally I share to my Twitter, my FB profile, my FB page and LinkedIn
This whole thing honestly takes too much time, I will try to have someone help me, ideally I would like to just record the video. Any tips welcome to optimize this flow…