I was listening to Alan Watts “Out of your mind” on audible while driving yesterday.

He tells the story of a Japanese Zen master who is asked the following “you have one hour to live and can have anything you like. Do you want to spend one hour with a beautiful woman? Stay in a palace? Have a meal in the best restaurant?”

The master answers: no I will just meditate for an hour as I always do. Why? Because I was nothing when I was born, I am nothing now and will be nothing when I die. I would not feel any different than now by having any of the experiences you are offering me.

That’s the teaching of meditation. Happy or suffering now is no different than happy or suffering in the past or the future. When you meditate you just observe the “universe vibrations” which include your own feelings.

The most dangerous thing about death is to think there is something after. The catholics go to heaven or hell. The Buddhists could get enlightened this life then can become a monk in their next life. The accumulation of wealth and fame leaves you with nothing when you die.

So why worry about anything? Meditation is a perfect waste of time - it is learning that doing one thing or another doesn’t matter as it’s all the same observing vibrations of the universe and yourself.

Contemplate the idea that everything is like doing nothing. Everything becomes nothing.

There is nothing to worry about, especially death.