My octopus teacher, interspecies communication and ocean sounds

I highly recommend this new documentary “My octopus teacher”. 

This netflix movie features someone who went swimming without bottles every single day for 400+ days to visit an octopus. People say octopuses are like an alien but he established communication with it and “she” started to create a true relationship with him, “hugging him” and manifesting friendly behavior like a dog. He filmed in a beautiful way the octopus intelligence and vulnerability, how she can change her color to camouflage herself, grow an arm when one was cut by a shark or loose all its energy and die to give birth. 

She taught him to feel part of the universe and not different. It’s a must watch and stunning movie. 

I am also admire the way that person completely changed the course of his own life to dedicate more than a year to be friends with an octopus and show it to us. Imagine what this person tells his friends to the classic question “what are you working on?”

Talking about the ocean I also discovered thousands of wales, dolphins, giant squids and other species are dying because of the sound pollution of our boats, oil exploration or the sonars of the military submarines. Here is a fascinating short documentary on how a team out of Barcelona is mapping the sound of each specie worldwide and how we disrupt or kill them… just with sound. 

When we order something on Amazon made in China we probably kill each time a few animals just with the container ships noise.