Making space in my inside home: my mind

My whole 5 weeks in the forest was a permanent meditationeyes open contemplating nature during the day and long nights (often until sunrise) awake eyes closed in indigenous ceremonies with very few moves when I was chanting or dancing with them.

Lots of feelings came in and out but most importantly I learned to better see the space between any thoughts.

I slowly got better and longer spaces and moments of just no thoughts.

When I cultivated the appearence of these spaces between thoughts I ended up learning how to train my mind to switch to that mind state.

My indigenous friends told me the more space I could make in my head was like “tidying up my house, my inside home” and to invite new ideas, dreams and unexpected visions to enter the house, it needs to have enough available space to hold them. And these unexpected visitors and ideas did show up constantly. I could also write every morning up to 4 dreams I remembered from my night.

This cleaning up the house of my mind idea stuck with me the whole time. I had also very few external stimulations. Little or no talking to anyone, no fixed schedule, no to do list and very few messages or news from the outside world (I had to stay connected just a little as my house sold while I was there!).

Now I am back in the matrix and the thousands of stimulations reaching my mind, just crossing an airport: ads, news, people’s presence and energies make it way more challenging.

I will increase my meditation practice to keep my mind calm and watch feelings and ideas come and go focusing on the space between them. I will watch every person I see or stimulation or feeling as something that just comes and go and should never get me out of the space inside my inner home. I can never forget this, whatever I do and whereever I am.

quote: @jackkornfield on instagram