In the Amazon with the Yawanawà

Hello dear readers, I trust you are doing well in these difficult times.

I have not posted for a while as I am mostly offline focusing on my work in the forest, I have so much to write! Many more posts when I am back, thank you for reading!

5 weeks dieta, far far away in the Amazon forest with the Yawanawà. In the village of their ancestors “sacred village”. Deep learnings from nature, animals and powerful healers. Cannot be more grateful for the teachings of Chief Nixiwaka and first woman pagé Puttany, pagé Kuchti (pagé is master or highest shaman) @biracijryawanawa who introduced me to all, medicine master Peu and their whole family. Tears in my eyes thinking of how much I received I can only begin to undertand and assimilate. Long path ahead. Hard work and high reward. Learned to keep my own fears away, the dark, the scary animals and living with nothing in the forest where many powerful things happen. Dieta #2 almost complete, many more to go. Magical to say the least, I cannot believe what I see daily but I believe it. I am feeling strong, healed and transformed. I also feel totally calm and tempered learning to work with the force of nature. Haux! Thanks also to Constantin Bisanz and Hugo for trusting me joining one of the most beautiful human beings I got to meet - the guardians of the forest, the people of the white bore (Yawà is white bore, which is also the name I have been given here), the Yawanawà.

Talk to you all very soon ❤️

Loic or… Yawà you pick!