I don’t worry when I dream. Can I stay this way?

The more I have lucid dreams the more I realize that our conscious state might be a very degraded version of our subconscious or dream state. 

I was very lucid this morning while dreaming and started to play with my dreams.

Can I fly? Here I am flying by myself.

Can I go through a wall? Yeah that works too.

Can I see and talk to someone immediately? All I had was to decide it and here I am in front of that person for a good conversation. 

I tried to practice guitar but my mind kept taking me somewhere else. Practicing in dreams seems like the next level for me I have yet to unlock.

My most interesting discovery though was that I was not worrying about anything. 

I consciously tried to worry about something. Anything. I could not. 

I remember that was also one of the first things I noticed when I had my first experiences in the forest. There was nothing I could worry about anymore. Same now in my dreams under perfectly normal circumstances (actually degraded circumstances as I must confess I had a big chocolate cake yesterday night, sometimes I need to).

As I write this at breakfast I am wondering if I could keep the same no-worry state during the day while I am conscious?

The dream state seems to be a superior state of the mind that I can train myself to keep while I’m awake.

Will report back :)