How you can help clean 24 football fields of Ocean plastic in 2 minutes

I stumbled yesterday upon an Instagram story from my friend Yves Behar showing the launch of the first product by The Ocean Cleanup. Yves helped design it. 

It’s a pair of sunglasses made from plastic collected from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

I immediately ordered the sunglasses, go buy one too if you can. It as a $199 donation to help the planet that comes with cool sunglasses. 

1 pair of sunglasses cleans up the size of 24 football fields of garbage in the Ocean. 

I watched this great video of the founder, Dutch Inventor Boyan Slat, he founded The Ocean Cleanup at the age of 18 and his story is really worth watching. 

The goal is to fund half a million football fields of plastic removed from the Ocean. 

What are the other cool businesses or non profits helping the planet like this one you know about?