Flying from the city of technology to the ancient knowledge of the Amazon forest

See you soon beautiful San Francisco. I am flying to the Amazon forest to the Yawanawà  indigenous « sacred village » where I already went twice. I am between two worlds. New and ancient technologies.

The Amazon forest has so much to teach us. Hopefully for a long time. It is an immense privilege to be able to work with elders who hold a knowledge we mostly have no idea about. Nothing is written. Knowledge is transmitted orally, through songs and... dreams. The Chief Nixiwaka came every morning there to discuss my dreams.

I’m going from the city that created Facebook and Google to the city that knows so much about nature, the plants and lives mostly disconnected from our modern communication tools. From high speed business and Internet to listening carefully and meditating under thousand of years old trees.

Many indigenous there never left the village or saw a city in person. Yet, they know so much. I am so grateful they open their doors to me, especially with the current threats. I have rarely been so excited to go back to what I feel is the source, or one way to see the source.

I heard a slow satellite internet was installed at the village which wasn’t the case when I went. I am not totally convinced it’s a good thing but I trust my friends there to learn what they need from our world and stay mostly connected to nature first. I am not sure about how much I will go online, likely not much.

I will be around a fire every night watching the stars and learning some of their knowledge, meditating, learning guitar and singing during the day surrounded by the most stunning and fascinating plants and animals I have ever seen in my life. It feels like I cannot stay very long away from it anymore. Thousands of animals are constantly around me in the forest. You can feel their presence. I love city life but the spirit of the forest is another dimension. So excited.