Experimenting with a podcast on spirituality

Inspired by Naval, I decided to share one quick thought a day just using my phone to record it and also publish a write-up here.

The podcast is being distributed right now, it’s not on Apple podcasts yet but it’s on:

Google podcasts
Pocket casts
Radio public

Here is a video explaining the podcast:

Today’s episode is about the tension between western education that mostly teaches you to be ready to find a job or create your own and spiritual interest and knowledge.

I am 48 and spent most of my life first getting business school education then applying it starting several businesses.

Only 5 years ago I went to my first meditation retreat then discovered there was something that your eyes could not see easily, another world that we call “spirituality”. I kept going learning with indigenous and plants in the Amazon (which became my main “school”) as well as “the Lakota way” with vision quests and fasting (no food, no water, no sleep, alone on a hill for 1,2,3 …. 4 days).

I feel very happy since I started to work on “spirituality”.

Today and in the years to come there is very important awakening happening in the world and the education of a new born or adults (especially those subject to depression) should include spiritual education.

I would be really interested in your feedback about this podcast experiment with these two episodes (content, format, duration…) and also about this new form of education.

Thank you!