Connecting to spirituality is like broadband Internet

Why am I doing this? Here is an answer

I was only in the material plane before, focusing on success. Nothing wrong with that. I did not receive any messages from nature as I was not paying any attention.

Then I saw for the first time the force of nature in the forest. A place some people call divine, others call the spiritual world.

Once I saw this, I could never unsee it. It is not scary. It is the most enchanted and beautiful place or vision I had in my life. It is also the best teacher.

The indigenous have magical recipes that can help anyone see that place at least for a few hours. Problem is after this you come down to earth.

It’s like when we did not have the Internet before the 1990s. First came slow 9600 kbps the 14.4 then 28.8 then ADSL then “broadband” etc - all the way to the connection we have today. The world completely changed with this connection.

I feel the same with the “spiritual connection”, except I got straight the 1 terabyte internet first for a few hours. Like if we showed to someone in 1990s the Internet we have today and what we can do with it 30 years ahead of time.

I am focused now on increasing permanently my spiritual connection without the need of any indigenous magical recipe or plants. Permanently. It’s hard but I am slowly getting there. It takes years or a lifetime. There are many techniques. Everyday I feel more.

This is why I am so focused.

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