California bans gas cars by 2035

California just banned gas powered cars by 2035. There is a lot of California bashing these days and some of my friends leaving because it’s high cost of living and growing poverty (the two extremes), high taxes with very little government support in health care for example.

I want to celebrate today California’s trend setting culture. So many good trends started in California first:

Sushi in the 60s

Yoga in the 70s

Japanophile culture in the 90s

The smoking ban in the 90s.

The green/organic food movement of 2000s. 

Hippy culture,


Skateboard culture,

surfing culture,

casual fashion culture,

the breakdown of formal wear culture,

modern day gay rights movement,

…pretty much all started in California and spread eastward if not the entire world.

Way to go California, no more gas cars. Rest of the World please follow fast!