A beautiful mind

I just watched “A beautiful mind” and got really inspired. A Nobel prize mathematician gets constant day dreams with people telling him life changing facts.

I won’t tell the story as you should watch it but it really resonated with the “Dream Yoga” book I’m reading.

It can become difficult to make a difference between a dream that fees and looks real and reality that feels and looks like a dream. I often have this voice telling me “you cannot do this” and almost always disregard it. That’s how I burnt myself many times but also did unusual things like starting a few businesses or flying above clouds with a wing that fits in a backpack... I also of course made mistakes I regret and learned from.

How much should I listen to my inner voice or outside voices coming through dreams?

That’s what the whole movie is about. I tend to treat these voices and people coming in dreams or reality the same now. Trusting my guys. Sometimes it’s like a kid touching a flame because I don’t know it burns yet. That’s how I still learn.

I love movies that have to do with the mind, consciousness, dream states… what others do you recommend?