A newsletter about an entrepreneur sharing his teachings from his spiritual path in the Amazon forest and other indigenous practices.

Hi and welcome, my name is Loic Le Meur, I have been a technology entrepreneur and investor all my life, lived 13 years in Silicon Valley and discovered spirituality in 2012.

I did silent meditation retreats then discovered the Amazon forest tribes where I spent about 5 months in many trips, some of them called “dietas”. They are intense trainings with ancient songs, practices and plants. I became fascinated with the Yawanawa and Ashaninka tribes who welcomed me as if I was family. The Yawanawa gave me a new name, “Yawa Mashkuru” which means “Yawa - for the belonging to the tribe” and “Mashkuru - bald man”. They sometimes also call me “White Yawa” or “Yawashaninka”…

This is why I called this newsletter “Yawa.news” and the associated podcast (anchorApple podcasts). I shared often what I learned.

I fell in love with the people, the way they live and their knowledge. I also get inspired daily on how I can apply this knowledge in a very practical way in my western life. I go back and forth.

More recently I also started doing some intense work with the Lakota tribe in South Dakota and Mexicans with Maya traditions. The work is based on fasting, no water no food and little sleep, songs and dances. I am learning with them to only work with my own body, no plants. They have in common long stays in solitude in the jungle.

Thank you for reading, please comment or email, I read all and answer as much as I can.


Loic Le Meur
French Entrepreneur who decided to spend time learning about spirituality from indigenous and inspiring authors. I sometimes write often, other times I don't, but I'm here.
Loic Le Meur
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