Hi and welcome, my name is Loic Le Meur, I have been a technology entrepreneur and investor all my life, lived 13 years in Silicon Valley and I have been focusing on consciousness, self-development and “spirituality” for the last 5 years. I know, it’s quite new but I did it with high intensity, as I always do everything.

I have two newsletters, there is also loic.substack.com where I write no more than twice a week essays with a bit more time preparing them and here, where it’s more like a journal that I allow myself to write “very casually” and sometimes every day (subscribe to the other if you don’t like receiving many emails).

I called it “yawa.news” as when I arrived in the Amazon Jungle the Chief gave me the name of “Yawa Mashkuru”. I might change the newsletter name one day… What it is really is…

“A Casual journal of an entrepreneur working on himself, no filter, free-writing, sometimes every-day. Doesn’t aim at building any audience or quality, just for the love of writing and sharing”.


Loic Le Meur
Entrepreneur on a permanent quest of being a better human being. I share daily my entrepreneurship, consciousness and spiritual teachings on Loic's Newsletter.